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Gift Shopping List 2015

Are you working on your gift shopping list? Unless you are one of those people who starts buying holiday gifts in May, (in which case I am totally jealous that you’re probably already done!) then you may want to begin … Continue reading

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Buy Jewelry as a great gift

When women hear the word “jewelry”, many different pictures can come to mind. For instance, if someone is newly engaged to be married, then they might imagine a ring, one made of gold, embedded with diamonds, most likely! Getting ready … Continue reading

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Shopping for a new handbag?

Of all the items in the world of fashion accessories, I think handbags and accessories must be number one on the list of those that qualify for being both practical and versatile. Many women own more than several different handbags, … Continue reading

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Shawls can be worn in any weather

Everyone who wears clothes (that’s got to be at least 90% of the people I know!) has that one absolutely favorite item of apparel that they can’t live without! For many people, it’s that ancient, soft or hard hard-worn pair … Continue reading

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Candles in unusual scents and shapes

When I was growing up, I’m pretty sure the only candles I was aware of were those tall, thin ones that they call “taper” candles, that you put in candle holders on the dining room table. Elegant and simple, they … Continue reading

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Buy Mixing Bowls

With the new year approaching faster than we probably realize, I know I’m going to be doing a LOT of cooking! (New Year’s Eve has always been a favorite holiday!) I always say, cooks LOVE their cooking tools. Who could … Continue reading

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It’s Cinco de Mayo. Take a Whack at THIS Piñata to Get 20% Off!

  Happy Cinco de Mayo! Some of us know Cinco de Mayo as a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day, but in reality it is a celebration of the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla back … Continue reading

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A Small Gift Among Tornadoes and Torrential Rains

We’re living – and some of us are dying – through a period of severe weather. While we’re generally upbeat, today our hearts go out especially to our neighbors in the southeast U.S., an area wracked by tornadoes and torrential … Continue reading

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April Showers Bring May Flowers…and a Free Umbrella!

Whether it’s global warming, global weirding or just plain wet, April is notorious for its spring rainfall.  Right now is a great time to keep dry with style and economic smarts with our April Showers Sale. Buy any handheld umbrella … Continue reading

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Why We Love Zak Designs

It’s a pretty cool story, really: a guy attends his cousin’s wedding in Hawaii in the mid-‘70’s and likes it so much he moves there and starts selling puka shell necklaces on the beach. His name is Irv Zakheim. Fast … Continue reading

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