Candles in unusual scents and shapes

When I was growing up, I’m pretty sure the only candles I was aware of were those tall, thin ones that they call “taper” candles, that you put in candle holders on the dining room table. Elegant and simple, they rarely varied in color and were never scented. Their purpose was not necessarily to provide light but to add a bit of sophistication to your meal.


Of course, candles have been around for many, many years, with the main purpose being to actually provide light, before the advent of electric light. But in the past several decades, a whole new type of candle has arisen, candles meant more for decoration, ambiance and mood, more than anything else, since we don’t need them for light anymore.

These days you can find candles in more scents than you can imagine. Some people prefer candles scented like flowers or foods, but you can also find candles in very unusual scents that you wouldn’t expect, such as laundry or the beach or wood. Scented candles are found in everyone’s homes, in all rooms.

Candles are also made in many different shapes and sizes, to fit anyone’s needs or wants. Some are poured into jars and some are tiny tea lights. Colors vary also, and there are even candle jars with multi-color and multi-scent, all in one jar! Some of the prettiest candles are the ones that have shells or other small items, such as different small shapes of contrasting colors of wax, actually suspended in the candle wax.

But of course, if you need them, you can still find those tall, thin taper candles, for that wonderful, romantic, home cooked supper!

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