Collegiate Umbrellas – A Fashion Trend

Unversity of Michigan Collegiate UmbrellaWe are a logo happy society and no more so than when we are supporting our old college Alma mater.  When pairing that proclivity with the expression of support for the college team, we have seen an explosion of fashion accessories designed to signal our allegiances. From scarves to hats to pennants to coffee mugs, the opportunity to flaunt your school’s colors are everywhere and nowhere is this more evident than in the newest fashion trends of accessorizing with umbrellas, collegiate umbrellas.

College Umbrellas Show Team Spirit…

If you are looking for an umbrella, collegiate umbrellas are a great way to express your allegiance to your team while also keeping you out of any inclement weather that may have accompanied the game time whistle.  Whereas once upon a time it was the distinctive long raccoon coat that identified the intrepid college student, bearing a pennant that marked his school spirit to the big game, now it’s an eclectic mix of fans bringing an eclectic mix of paraphernalia to make the experience more comfortable.

Whether the weather is hot and sunny or cold and stormy, an umbrella gives you that added element of protection to ward of either heat exhaustion or hypothermia.  If you are truly feeling spirited and in a mood for adventure you can take an over sized golf umbrella and sit amidst the opposing teams fans.  As golf umbrellas are known for being constructed to withstand strong winds, it should prove more than capable of protecting you from the spray of nacho cheese and half-filled beer cups that have been hurled in your direction.

An Elegant Way to Support Your Alma Mater…

You are more than a few years out of college and the comfortable college sweatshirt you have been wearing for 15 years simply can’t be worn to the business conference you have been invited to in Seattle.  No one will miss your school affiliation however, once you hoist your umbrella and people begin to crowd under it to wait out the latest Seattle squall.

The time to show your school spirit and school allegiance is now, and doing so with a team emblazoned umbrella is the new fashionable way to do so.  If you are toying with the idea of getting a key chain as a way expressing your college loyalty, stop before you do and consider how paltry of a statement that would actually be.  Then go out and buy a college umbrella with a five foot diameter that leaves absolutely no area for doubt.

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