Why We Love Zak Designs

It’s a pretty cool story, really: a guy attends his cousin’s wedding in Hawaii in the mid-‘70’s and likes it so much he moves there and starts selling puka shell necklaces on the beach.

His name is Irv Zakheim.

Fast forward a decade or so, and somehow Irv’s “quit the rat race” moment evolves (might have something to do with hard work, creativity, commitment to quality, integrity, and sustainability).

A little company called Disney decides he’s the guy to license their animated characters for children’s eating ware.

Yep, THAT Disney. Little Mermaid, Frozen – you know the one.

And the story only gets better.

Irv’s company keeps growing, but the common theme across all of Zak Designs’ products is bringing fun to the dinner table for kids of ALL ages.

For the grown-ups among us, we especially like his 100% biodegradable Moso line of dinnerware, made with 75% bamboo. He won the 2014 Houseware Design awards for that one. And we also get a kick out of his Confetti Bowls made from recycled melamine.

Looking to do some couch-time ice-cream damage? Check out his Tubbies 1-pint Insulated Ice Cream Keeper.

But what we really LOVE about Zak Designs – beyond the incredibly rich, fun products they produce – is that this is a family-owned company showing the big guys how it should be done. Irv & his team lead with high quality and a real concern for the environment that goes way beyond just products, all the way on to how they do business in the office.

It’s a real pleasure – and honor — to welcome Zak Designs to our stable of family-owned businesses and present them to our customers.

We hope you find them as charming and enjoyable as we do.

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