Picking the Right Backpack is Important

Picking the right backpack is important, a good backpack will last many years, which will defray its higher cost over time. Children seldom want to go with the ruggedly designed National Guard rucksack, they want to wear their favorite superhero or TV character on their backpack. You should also look for other features when back-to-school bag shopping these include water bottle holders, extra compartments, waterproof compartments, modest carrying capacity and fasteners that won’t break the first time they’re dropped.


If you can find a backpack that is waterproof or at least water resistant, then you are in luck. This feature will come in to play more than you would think, spilled drinks ruin schoolwork just as well as inclement weather. Check to see if the school bag has padding on the shoulder straps, this will go a long way towards making the school bag comfortable when it chock full of texts from school. Toggle the zippers when you are inspecting the bag, if they jam after a minute of use then move on from that backpack right away. Make sure that the zipper itself is securely sewn into the material of the backpack, a common point of failure is the zipper tearing away from the fabric. Consider this caveat though, knowing what, and who, this schoolbag is going to be used for is more important than the school bag itself.

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