RV Protection In The Winter

Greatest Store's RV Protection Tips It’s always sad when the end of the fun summer months shows up so quickly. We know it’s time to put away the beach equipment, get the RV winterized, and prepare for the cold winter. It’s not difficult to get your RV ready to be put away, but there are a few steps you should take.

The Roof Of The Problem

First and foremost, protect your roof! There is almost nothing worse than going outside after a storm and seeing your RV roof damaged. Downed tree limbs can wreak havoc. It’s important to get a cover for your RV and you don’t want to cover your RV roof with just a tarp. These tarps are ineffective and can cause mold and mildew issues. You are much better off wrapping the entire RV with a full cover. You want to get a full body cover that is easy to use. These covers come with a zipper so that you can make sure that it is secured properly.

Space Is A Factor

Let’s face it. Not everyone has a garage big enough to store an RV. This is when you need to be smart about how you get ready to put it away. You should wash, dry, and wax it before you put a cover over it. You don’t want the moisture underneath to cause any damage. Make sure you shut off the water and remove all of the water from the water tanks. There are some people who choose to run antifreeze through their lines once the water has been fully drained. This helps to keep the lines from freezing.

RV Protection- Equipment CoverCritters Need A Home Too

You also have to be careful of pesky critters that want to take up residence in your RV while you’re not using it. Make sure that you put mesh screens over all of the exhaust vents. This will prevent the critters from being able to enter. Also, remember to remove all food and perishables. Since the temperature in a stored RV can go from very cold to very hot, you do not want food left in there to spoil. The smell would be overpowering when you open it back up and may make you consider just buying a new RV. Another important step is to make sure that you shut off all of the propane tanks completely. It would not be good if a full propane tank were to become compromised. Explosions and RVs are not a good combination. Ever.

Now that you know what to do to winterize your RV from the elements…what are you waiting for? Get it done while there’s time.

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