Qualities to Look for in a Golf Umbrella

I’ve been golfing for three years and need to buy a golf umbrella online. The one thing I don’t have in my golf gear collection is a golf umbrella. My golf partner has a personalized golf umbrella that he uses to block out the sun. He never golfs in the rain. In addition to his big golf umbrella, he has a matching mini golf umbrella to cover the opening of his golf bag!

The smallest golf umbrellas I found are 48 inches wide. There are larger umbrellas that come in 54 inches and 60 inches.


Qualities to look for in a golf umbrellas include:

  • Strong umbrella handle
  • Well-constructed grip
  • A non-metal shaft
  • Auto-open umbrella
  • Attractive umbrella color
  • Strong nylon or other waterproof umbrella material
  • A vent or double umbrella canopy that allows wind to escape
  • An easy opening and closing umbrella
  • Durability during high winds
  • A secure Umbrella attachment for a golf cart
  • You umbrella should include a waterproof outer sleeve

You’ll want an umbrella that’s big enough for two to share comfortably. After all, you need someone to hold it while you hit the golf ball!

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