Shawls can be worn in any weather

Everyone who wears clothes (that’s got to be at least 90% of the people I know!) has that one absolutely favorite item of apparel that they can’t live without! For many people, it’s that ancient, soft or hard hard-worn pair of denim; for others, maybe it’s their “lucky t-shirt”, or the classic little black dress. For me, it’s a shawl.

Buy Shawls, loosely constructed, and meant, usually, to be worn over some other top piece of apparel, blouse or otherwise, are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there. In essence, a shawl is almost like a gigantic scarf, a large square or rectangle of fabric, sleeveless, obviously, that would cover mainly the shoulders and arms, but could also cover the head. They can be very, very long, running down almost to the floor, or they can be much shorter and normally don’t have any sort of closure, zipper, buttons or otherwise, but that can be a variable also.


Although shawls have taken a back seat to other overwear in the past few decades, they have recently again become an “on-trend” item, showing up on the runway and on celebrities on the red carpet or just casually walking around town!

Shawls can be worn in any weather, depending on the fabric used. Shawls made of light cotton, might be good for spring or summer evenings, while heavier knit shawls would be more appropriate for winter wear, although Pashmina wool scarves are light enough to be worn any time.

Shawls are also fantastic travel bags items, since they are so loosely constructed, there’s no need to worry too much about how wrinkled they will get when you pack them! Just roll one up and stick it in your carry-on! The smaller ones take up very little space and without any drama, you’ve got a very neat cover-up at the ready, at any time!

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