Shopping for a new handbag?

Of all the items in the world of fashion accessories, I think handbags and accessories must be number one on the list of those that qualify for being both practical and versatile. Many women own more than several different handbags, and I know a few women who own more handbags than they own shoes! And of course, many men now carry their own version of handbags, sometimes awkwardly (to me, anyway) referred to as a “mag” (short for “man bag”).

Handbags come in an almost infinite variety of price ranges, shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Whatever your needs, you can surely find something to suit you. You may be simply looking for a fashion item, possibly to match an outfit or two, where practicality is not a priority, or you may need a handbag that is mainly used for day to day living, or work. I love a medium sized handbag with a longish, sturdy shoulder strap, for everyday wear, that has enough pockets on the inside, either zippered or not, to keep different items I use on a daily basis secured. Some handbags are far too large for my taste, and I get frustrated when smaller items get lost in the woods, so to speak. But many people can’t live without their humongous handbag, so they can keep everything known to man, including, yes, the kitchen sink, at their disposal!


An adorable clutch bag is an essential item also. Smaller than most handbags, and designed to be worn for dressier occasions, clutch bags are sometimes the opposite of practical, but that’s ok! As long as at least our wallet, keys and phone fit inside, it’s perfect!

Always remember when shopping for a new handbag, to keep in mind where, and how often, you plan on using it, and what you’ll need to keep inside and you’ll be sure to end up with exactly what you need!

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