A Small Gift Among Tornadoes and Torrential Rains

We’re living – and some of us are dying – through a period of severe weather. While we’re generally upbeat, today our hearts go out especially to our neighbors in the southeast U.S., an area wracked by tornadoes and torrential rains.

Greatest Stores has the web’s largest selection of handheld umbrellas, and while supplies last we’ll give every purchaser of a handheld umbrella on our site a second umbrella (up to $21.73 retail value) free.

Fact is, we started this sale before we understood the full impact of this freakish tornado season.

But now we’ll keep it going until supplies are exhausted.

Please: take advantage of our gift to you. It’s a little bit of dry, a little bit of protection, and a splash of color in a wet, grey and dangerous time.


Be safe. And keep dry.

From the family here at GreatestStores.com

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