Women’s Trouser Socks

This may sound weird, but whenever I think of women’s trouser socks, I think of “All in the Family”, the great sitcom from the 1970’s. (I don’t know if it was really necessary to explain that, but younger readers may not be aware). There was a scene about socks that I’ll never forget, where Archie and Mike (his “meathead” son-in-law) argue about the correct order in which to put on socks and shoes. You know the scene? Mike puts on one sock and one shoe on his first foot before dressing his second foot, and Archie tells him that “the whole world” puts on one sock and one sock, and THEN the shoes, and then they try to convince each other why their version makes the most sense. I found this scene hysterical, and since buying women’s trouser socks always reminds me of this scene, I always have good time when I’m shopping for socks.

Women Trouser Socks

I don’t usually go out for Halloween but this year I had a little party to go to so I decided to be a Dr. Seuss character. Not a specific one, just a sort of mash-up of many different characters: I wore a bright blue wig and very bright primary colored t-shirt and skirt and lots of crazy make up. So I decided I needed some really fun socks! I only own very plain solid color socks in mainly brown and black for work, so it was fun deciding what kind of socks to add to my crazy costume. I ended up with the logical choice: multi-colored striped socks. It really made the outfit, and what a hit it was!

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